What can you see?

Many times in life, what we see is highly determined by how we have been; the kind of experiences we have had; the kind of people we’ve met and what we are going through… All these become accessories in informing most, if not all, of our choice of words and deeds; streamlining our sesne of direction and largely sharpening our convictions. It has been profoundly seen and determined that every person has a perception on any given matter. This point reiterates what in the long run comes into being.

In the midst of all these options, it sometimes gets quite confusing to just lay one’s claim on the right choice. And that’s the paradox that we have; whether to make the utmost decision based on perception, speculation or on the prevailing facts…

Some photos of the same person

Now, when you look at the  above pictures; what exactly do you see? Do you see: One man, four faces, different poses, similar setting, different meanings…? I guess while some may directly get the differences, others only see the similarities, and yet others remain indifferent on this. And that doesn’t make anyone lesser or better than the other. If anything, it only confirms how different we are from each other. While some are pessimists, others are optimists; while some are observant, others are reckless; and while some are structured, others are amorphous. This, I think, is something worth appreciating and celebrating as opposed to resisting.

The same way you may be stuttled at the minute differences and the conspicuous similarities, so are we mesmerized when in a new context. Thus, it is essential that one goes slow on this to ensure accuracy and making the right choices. This will ensure that the decisions we take, will be right and the best, despite our significant differences.


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