Another glance

Life is full of varied circumstances, some of which may be quite confusing. As massive as the waters in a lake are, so are the tumultous waves and realities of life. This being the case, everyone rowing on a boat, must keenly take another glance to ensure a safe ride…


Rowing a boat isn’t the only reality in the life’s journey. Thus, it is imperative that everyone considers another glance at the glaring obvious facts so as to get what really lies underneath. “Looks can be deceptive” is a slogan that has been propelled amongst many discussion tables especially when it comes to making conclusions. This surmounts to great truths all of which must be assorted in the beauty of full facts.

A great example is when someone gets attached to a new culture, with new a environment, new people and different ways of doing things. If they are not careful, it may easily topple them over in the all-deep pit of mistakenness. Everything must be taken slowly and singly at a time. Rash choices must be averted and the need for a second gaze encouarged. Whenever there is room for refreshment of thought, it should be duly integrated.

In one of my cultural classes at Hald International Center, I vividly remember what the teacher said, “In a new culture, what you see is not always what is there”. There is, therefore, a great need to look again and again and again… This rules out the possibility of losing oneself and getting misled by prejudice in making deductions.

Consequently, always take another glance at the prevailing circumstances. This is because one’s lack of understanding doesn’t necessarily make what one sees bad. Instead, a greater level of appreciation is expected from the new entrant in order to ensure a state of balance and to avert extended controversies…


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