They call them seasons…

I come from a part of the world where the four seasons are sandwiched into one wholesome block with a few twists and turns… The tropical country has equal nights and days; and the sun comes up and goes down at constant times. This makes the various times of the day very predictable. We don’t need to (as a matter of choice and not fact) use watches because many times, we could easily tell the hour of the day by looking at the length and direction of our projected shadows. This has been wonderful for me and I guess it is greatly fun to behold…


While Kenya manifests all the above features, Norway has the four-fold seasons. The seasons are distinct, each with its own classical traits. In my short stay here, I have experienced two of them and just beginning to witness the third one. The seasons make it colorful and enjoyable as individuals seem to always anticipate the transitions. Of cause, there are those times that it is desired that something else could take precedence but the outcome always indicates the significance of all the four.

The summer
This is the most looked-forward-to season in Norway. It was slowly coming to an end when I came to Norway in August. This season is a time when the sun is on for most of the day; up to and including 11pm at night in some places. Am notably informed that some places in the far North of Norway never have night (read as darkness) due to the presence of the midnight sun. The days are longest more than ever. In this season, lots of outdoor games (like football and volleyball) are engaged; most beaches are occupied; and some adventurous youths sleep in the woods. The dress code at this time of the year, as I have gathered, is quite brief so as to enjoy as much sun as possible. During this time, swimming in the sea and open water bodies is very common and most people are aptly happy and social. This time is when, as a way of fitting in, I got to participate in most of the activities like football and volleyball…

Rowing the boat, anticipating football and playing volleyball

The fall
This season,also called autumn, comes around the mid of September. It is quite a transitory season as it doesn’t take very long. The season is called the fall because during this time, the trees start losing their leaves to the ground. The leaves first become yellow then they brown up. The transition in the colors of the leaves is really awesome to look at. Taking a look at the spectacle is not only refreshing but also very cosy. The end of the season is marked by bare trees; trees without any leaves.

Expression of the scare

The winter
This is the most dreaded season of all the four. It usually commences from about mid October and is marked by some very low temperatures. According to the interactions I have had, they could go as low as -30 degrees. In addition to being very cold, the winter is also the darkest season. It is apparently worth mentioning that just as the North of Norway has the longest days in the summer, so does it have the longest nights during the winter. Am told that most people get seriously depressed during this time!! With snow on, there seems to be a notable glow, which lights the atmosphere for easy visibility. In the very breathe, activities like ice-skating and skiing are undertaken. There is more fun with more snow! Now, that I haven’t experienced this yet, it was very exhilarating for me to touch my first flake of snow during a recent adventurous trip… This came with some repercussions; as I ended up getting stuck in the snow. The snow got the better of me when it got to my shoes hence rendering me immobile for several minutes, with my feet going numb! I must say that I look forwad to experiencing more of this with a greater bias to the activities of the moment… I wouldn’t mind snow-balling at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA???????????????????????????????
The glamor of the snow

The spring
As regards this season, more will be told when time goes by. This shall come into course around March next year. It is, however, worth mentioning that it is the season when most flowers start blooming again. The color and magic of trees and birds singing comes back again. And life springs forth again…


5 comments on “They call them seasons…

  1. naona sasa wajua theluji yafananaje…sasa langu hili ni ombi….ukisharudi kwetu huku naomba uukwee mlima wetu Kenya kisha upande mlingoti wa bendera yetu (ziwe mbili) kwa maana sasa utakua umesusia woga wa theluji…

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