The journey

Every journey has a start and an end. My journey to Norway began all the way back; earlier in the year (about April) while still in the all-honorable yet humble service of the Almighty God among students at the University of Nairobi, Main and Chiromo campuses. A question was posed to me and like popcorns, I popped up in great laughter of disbelief and amazement! Here I was being asked to consider staying in a far, far land for a period of approximately one year; and yet I had SERIOUS plans, humanly speaking.

That question became a part of my great struggle as I endeavored to make peace with the fact that God was not yet done with me. In fact, if anything, He was just beginning… And so nearly a month later, after wrestling with the idea and with God, I gave an affirmative answer. Little did I know that that was to become the clarion call for my self-discovery and total dependence on God!

This reliance on God wasn’t just about utterly declaring things into being but in the very fullness of my being… My utmost self was being shaped especially in the events that followed this very answer. Firstly, my family obligations were being put on hold and I couldn’t do much to alter this. Being the eldest child and the only one who had gone up to University in pursuit of a higher education; lots of expectations lay in wait. It didn’t make a lot of sense for me at all! My own siblings, all of whom were in school and kept looking up to me, were shocked at the move! This proved difficult, and it taught me just to realize that it is the Lord who is ultimately in control of my life. And that my family is in the hands of God. So, whether I availed resources or not, it is still the Lord WHO PROVIDES…

Secondly, I mysteriously lost my only niece to death! This posed a number of difficult questions to me. I couldn’t understand how after considering to serve God for an extra year; putting my career pursuits on hold, He could still allow such a thing to happen. This was my beloved niece; one that I considered like my own daughter… This, notwithstanding, and as if to add salt to an injury, I lost all my electronics while traveling. I actually lost every piece of electronic information I had whether professionally, spiritually or personally! And for the love of photos; I had a great gallery of over 30 GBs, and all these got lost! These unexpectedly put a blurred veil to my social life. Integrating all these into one person’s system couldn’t make a lot of sense at all. I had to start up all over again. There wasn’t anything I could do in this; as painful as it was I had to pick lessons for a better life. In this also, I realized that PAIN AND SUFFERING is part and parcel of the PRICETAG that any Christian is to pay for following Christ… I had to not only be strong for myself but also to my entire family. Trust me when I say it was not easy!!!

Thirdly, my preps for travel to Norway! Getting to purchase and gather everything together wasn’t so much of a struggle when compared with the logistical delays that we had to succumb to.  No sooner had we fully contemplated the entirety of the inconveniences caused by the unforessen circumstances than we came through… And finally, there we were at the JKIA awaiting my maiden travel to overseas. This was more like a dream come true; despite the mixed feelings of having to leave my beloveds behind. Thus, saying goodbye wasn’t an easy step. It was, however, great seeing all my family members accompany me that chilly morning to the airport… They all wanted a glimpse of what it really meant to bid farewell to one of their own. And so one by one they had captions with me…

Captions of my family members; each with me

…not forgeting my colleagues at FOCUS-Kenya. These guys still remain to be a great blessing to me…

Steve Kithusi encouraging me with a smile

Ezekiel Baraza exemplifying seriousness

Paul Kihiro typifying joy in the morning

Feeling the cold as a team

Bidding farewell didn’t take that long; and thus, shortly thereafter I commenced the clearance process. Quite a few laughable sets of mistakes for lack of knowledge! Having to eliminate every metallic thing on me was very strange! And to notice that this included even coins and belts was quite frustrating. Removing any heavy clothings including hoods and scarfs was rather interesting. A few procedural surprises continued being absorbed and then we were airborne! This feeling was great!!! Peering through the window to behold the beautiful view made me realize what the Psalmist says that the “universe declares Your majesty!” The taking-off feeling was exhilaratingly wonderful. It was both scary and fun to realize that I was fully airborne up to as high as 10,000 metres high. I kept keenly watching the map that appeared on this vast KQ vessel not to miss on any moment… On this map, I also kept noting where we were and the trail that we followed. In the midst of this, I couldn’t help but relentlessly reflect on how technology has made things so easy and achievable!

Just verifying that everything was intact

Exploring the vessel and the people boarding

Appreciating the beautiful inside

Fully airborne

Flying through the skies and finally landing in Amsterdam, then in Oslo and finally in Kristiansand remains to be a story of GOD’S GLORIOUS doings… It was a cruel fiasco at Amsterdam, when the passport had to be checked again and again yet I only had about 20 minutes to get to my next connecting flight to Olso. I had to literally run! Interestingly, getting to my destination, I noted that the gate had been shifted. I can’t explain how I took hold of myself, asked for further information at the farthest corner-counter and hastily headed to the new gate, only to find that it was closing. What a sigh of relief this was! I sat down in the confidence of knowing that I would be in Norway soon.

And having arrived in Norway, the journey has continued with lots of discoveries along the way. God is still in the business of revealing Himself to me through the various happenings and encounters…


5 comments on “The journey

  1. What a recollection!!! Both emotional and captivating. I have always tried to imagine how it feels to bid loved ones farewell when embarking on such a far away journey. Fortunately, you have given me a glimpse. Hoping to hear/read more from you about your experiences in Norway. All the best Simiyu. We miss u back here in Kenya.

  2. Hei Simiyu!
    Du skriver bra! Jeg er sikker på at Gud har en plan med ditt år her i Norge, en plan som du vil se senere. Jeg skriver på norsk, så du bedre kan lære språket. Sees den 21.! Jeg gleder meg!

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