One of those moments

images6One of those moments
When all you want is to express yourself
To an understanding audience
A people who would listen
A people who would help
A people who would feel
And appreciate you as you are.


One of those moments
When all you need is to be accepted
To get a warm Brazilian hug
To perceive actual reception
To gain a clear stint of belonging
To have a people to call friends
And a connection to bear.

One of those moments
When all you desire is genuine affection
To be held gently and closely
To be spoken to softly
To be smiled at heartily
To be received warmly
Exuding due care and love and tenderness.

images2One of those moments
When all you admire is to step out
To get into the open
To behold the world beyond
To experience the life unseen
To handle the sealed delicacies
Sailing into the undending opportuntities.


One of those moments
When all you yearned for is a person
Someone who could stoop low enough for you
To wipe the flowing tears
To acknowledge the pain within
To simply be there
And not necessarily speak a word.

One of those momentsimages4
When all you see is chaos and confusion
And the heart longs for peace
The very stillness that shapes life
That transcendent gift from above
To calm the raging tempest and storms
And reassuring the wavering possibilities.

One of those moments
When all you need is assurance
The hope for a better day
Another day to taste growth
To outperform yesterday
And add to the day’s nearly full bucket
Making up for realized memories.

One of those moments
When all you deserve is punishment
But get forgiveness instead
A total cleansing of life’s stench
And a full overhaul of progress
Into the abundance of the life unseen
And a new lease of status.

One of those moments
When all I seek is to ask a question
A question that is life-striking
A question that resonates with truth
A question only divinely answered
A question that holds the key
Delving into reality that cannot be forsaken.

One of those momentsimages3
When all I seek is to see
To gain clarity of things
To look ahead in retrospect
To look back in reflection
And to see the real giver of sight
The sight that yields authenticity.

On of those moments
When all I search for is truth
A truth unspoken yet unveiled
A truth realigned yet unheard
A truth with freedom pegged to it
A truth that leads to fulfillment
And firmly astounds the skeptics.

One of those moments
When the heart longs to go out
To express itself in the most unique way ever
Just to do one crazy unexpected thing
A thing unfathomed yet with meaning
Just to relent the inner clot of insight
And make sense of the thin line between faith and doubt.

One of those moments
When in the eyes of pain and things don’t make sense
When everything seems to fall apart and no one cares
When life isn’t coherent and all you hold puffs away
And there lacks meaning for living
Yet the certainty of Christ’s love stands
His peace transcends, his grace abides and his mercies renew.

Dedicated to all those in transitions.


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