Together in a new land

Being in a new country with lots of new things, new experiences, new people, and new systems is definitely a big leap of faith! More so, when it is that you are to serve God in a seriously secular setting! All these, however, get so encouraging when you realize that you are not alone in it. Thus, the presence of a teammate is really inspiring. A teammate is someone with whom you come from the same setting; have faced similar or near-similar episodes in this life; have a common viewpoint on things; and understand each other given the common origin. This comes with the extra task of having to accommodate the other person. But then, is there anything that ever comes so easy!? In each and every matter, one must be willing and ready to pay the price! And so I was willing to do likewise. This meant that each of us had to be disposed to the fact that a number of compromises would be made, so as to mitigate any eventual difficulties. And as sure as rain, being human beings, I anticipated that there would be conflicts that would arise once in a while…

Learning the identity of the teammate became one of my quests; and finally the truth unfolded… It ended up being someone who I had known for some time; Joyline Mutai. I had heard that being in a new country would unearth us both into getting to know both the bad and the good. This sounded very scary, and as such, I wasn’t really looking forward to it at all. But the true taste of the reality was yet to come… 🙂

It is funny how we began our journey to Norway. We couldn’t travel together courtesy of visa troubles and delays that were eminent then. Beginning with separation from the very start wasn’t very encouraging, to say the least. That meant that each of us had different entry experiences in the land of the midnight sun. While I had to pass through Oslo to Kristiansand, Joyline came directly to Kristiansand from Amsterdam. She came a week later after I had already arrived. And so, we had some catching up to do…

Fast forward; it is now nearly five months down the line, and we’ve had a good share of experiences as a team. There has been a share of both the two sides of teamwork; and by God’s grace we have come through and are still going strong!!

Hereunder is a pictorial of some of the moments we have had together…

For starters, we held closely to what gave us the Kenyan identity.


Still holding tightly to our documents

We had times when our childhood dreams nearly came true… 😀


I want to be a princess…


I want to be a king…

…and times to face some of our inherent fears like learning how to ride a bike…


Stay steady teammate…

We then enjoyed some good views…


Taking a cup of coffee in Trondheim


Appreciating a good Norwegian view while on a camp at Vassfjellet


Enjoying the view of Ålesund city

…and lots of spontaneous happenings…


An attempt at looking scary…


How about a funny face?


Being reminded of birthday the Kenyan way


Appreciating some breeze of music


In the company of our contact person and friend, Karla


Are you scared?


Waiting for the bus at a typical Norwegian bus stop…


Cooking with consultation…

And there are those times when we simply had to have some meal together…


When the knife and fork gave way for our own hands

With all such activities and engagements, it becomes inevitable to begin to know each other more. And thus, Joyline and I have been in that journey. There are those moments when all we needed to do was sit down and watch a movie together. Other times, all we needed was to listen to each other’s week-long experiences. It is not easy, of course, to become vulnerable to your teammate but until that barrier is broken, it is quite difficult to resolve any conflict that may arise.

It is indeed encouraging to have someone from your context; one who understands the background that you come from. This sets a stage for a clear mode of operation… And so, the journey continues!!!


6 comments on “Together in a new land

  1. When I read this,I am filled with nostalgic feelings.This team thing can get crazy sometimes,but it teaches you alot about yourself. It did;and it was worth it.

    • Hehe; though it can at times push you to the limits; it is indeed worthwhile as it duly opens a door for knowing each other more… Thanks for the affirmation bro!

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